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Officials Ban Premium Member Geocaches

Premium Member Only geocaches will soon be at a, well, premium in northwestern Ohio’s Hancock County.
Nor should you expect to find any ammo cans or any hides placed above ground level in the area’s parks, now that Hancock Park District officials have instituted geocaching permits.

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Geocaching FTF Victory Dance!

Mayberryman and Gilby head out to find 9 FTF (First to Finds) as MOGA 2012 begins!

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Ammo Cans: The New Plastic Fantastics

Love the original, hate the sequel … right? That’s the way it normally works with movies, book, video games etc  – or so I thought until I got to review MTM Case-Gard’s new take on that geocaching staple, the Ammo Can. Those heavy-duty war artefacts have been as traditional in the United States as well traditionals …

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How Many Caches Can You Find?

While feeling a little bored this afternoon, I cooked up something to keep the kids entertained on our next caching trip. I thought I’d also share my puzzle here to see how many people can help GC.com mascot Signal find the ammo cans hidden within. Click on the picture to open a larger version in a new tab …

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A Very Canny Canadian Cache

In a very belated tribute for Canada Day, It’s Not About The Numbers profiles a new cache making a big impact in British Columbia. You’ll never see a DNF on GC2Y8Q8 Made in Canada, Eh! For starters, this cache is nearly a metre high by 1.2-metres long by almost half a metre wide, and can …

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