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‘My Doctor Who Odyssey’

Personally, the TV show Doctor Who creeps me out – I blame the Daleks and Tom Baker’s scarf – but […]

Vive La Cache

It’s Not About The Numbers caches up with Dunedin’s Gerard Hyland (GC handle: GSVNoFixedAbode) after a 26-day holiday to Britain […]

Six Months On And Still Resolute

Read ’em and weep, Cumbyrocks … I may (always) be trailing you when it comes total finds but I’m obviously […]

Be A Muscle Mann

  Geocacher Todd Elliott is challenging you to bulk up – not your muscles but your daily finds rate. To […]

Sibling Rivalry

They say the “family that plays together, stays together” so it was with great delight that geo-siblings Cumbyrocks and kjwx […]

‘Don’t Tell My Spouse I’m Geocaching …’

It’s a common phrase, but American cacher Rob Pearce has taken it to another level, recording – and selling – […]

10 signs you’re a FTF addict…

You have a special cache publish message alert to notify you. [audio:|titles=20th_century_fox] You only keep the Geocaching iPhone app on […]

Geocaching is an Addiction

Hi, my name is Cumbyrocks and its been six days since my last geocache. Today I gave into temptation and […]


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