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The Lawnmower – 31 Days Of Caching

Getting close to halfway now with find number 14 in the 31 in 31 challenge. Today’s souvenir icon looks to be a logbook and pencil…our ultimate goal is to see them in each hunt we do! I also prefer mine blank on the inside…   Sadly another park n grab today, but a very cool …

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The Land Before Time – 31 Days Of Geocaching

Another late night dash in the rain to get #12. The souvenir icon is a GPS… And I didn’t use a GPS at all for this cache! Tonight’s cache was GC3N3PX DINO by CastlewoodCrew. I’ve tried numerous times to find this cache but being in a playground it’s always been difficult (excuses!). But in the …

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Legs 11 – 31 Days Of Geocaching

Left the run a little late to grab #11 and needed to make a darkness dash! I snuck in to grab GC3Y57Y Hinemoana’s Mega Menagerie, which I glad didn’t require a magnifying glass as it was dark! It was a micro though, so the theme counts! No photos for this one. It was dark, so …

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Capture The Flag(staff) – 31 Days Of Geocaching

The day 10 souvenir icon is a lamppost…and I did ponder going after a typical lamppost skirt cache (not that we actually have any active ones in Dunedin) but it was such a great day here I decided to take the boys on a cache trek… The Flagstaff Hill is a bit of an icon …

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