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Creative Caches: Bottling TripCyclone’s Genius

SPECIAL FEATURE It’s Not About The Numbers has long been a fan of TripCyclone‘s creative flair. Now the science teacher from Grandview, Missouri shows us how to make his new geocache design. If you are new to geocaching, every time you find a different geocache container, it can be exciting.  Those of us who have …

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Build Your Own Steampunk GPS

 No dear reader, you haven’t been punked – or in this case, steampunked. Today’s DIY cache tutorial will actually teach you how to build a Steampunk GPS – an object that would perfectly fit an imaginary Victorian age of brass or copper clockworks and steam-powered inventions that go far beyond 1800s technology. According to …

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Mission Not So Impossible

SNEAK PEAK The name’s Preen … Richard Preen. But unlike Ian Fleming’s fabled spy, this Greek geocacher (GC handle: r10n) prefers to slay his rivals with hand-built electronic puzzle caches. Since August 2008, the IT professional has placed 21 hides around the historic Athens community of Pendeli; 13 traditional caches and eight puzzles. The latter …

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Da-Bomb Cache: Not What You’d Expect

EXCLUSIVE In a tutorial just for It’s Not About The Numbers, Joseph Acamo of American e-zine Online Geocacher explains how to make his latest cache creation – the Not What. I was originally going to post instructions on making a ‘Why Not’ … but that was a big job and, being a procrastinator, I decided …

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