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It’s Electrifying: DIY Cache Tutorial

DIY cache-maker Vince Migliore explains how to use an emergency radio with a hand-crank generator to electrify a hide – well, three volts worth anyway – in a remote location.

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Tutorial: Empowering Your Caches

By Vince Migliore (GC handle: FolsomNatural) Utility boxes, control panels and wiring enclosures are visible everywhere in today’s urban environment. They are inexpensive and widely available at most hardware stores. They also make good hiding places for caches; a passer-by would never guess this is actually a geocaching container. However, neither the plastic nor metal …

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Tutorial: One Way To Rock Their Socks Off

Geo-blogger EyeD10T Jones found himself between a rock and a hard place – not once, but twice – while creating this cache tutorial for It’s Not About The Numbers. “Winter was pretty brutal here in the American state of New Hampshire, so I spent a lot of time indoors working on creative cache containers – including …

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Tutorial: Peace, Love & Flower Power

South African geocacher Karsten Vollmer – the brains behind the custom hides at webstore Geocache SA – shows It’s Not About The Numbers how to make his camouflaged Flower Power cache. YOU WILL NEED: 1 x Bison tube or pill container 1 x Metal plate 1 x Silicone sealer 1 x Plastic flower or clump of …

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Tutorial: By The Book(mark)

Ontario cacher Lone R teaches It’s Not About The Numbers how to make the first of two signature swag items – in this case, a magnetic bookmark – featuring our blog logo. NB: Photoshop CS5 was used to create this bookmark. If you don’t have Photoshop, you might have success with free software products such …

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Tutorial: Turning Over A New Leaf

You could call Canadian geocacher Daniel Goymour a rather crafty fellow. Here the owner of Etsy store Geocrafter shows It’s Not About The Numbers how to create one of his Autumn Leaves containers. “Two years ago, I was introduced to geocaching by a couple friends while on a trip to Montreal. We found a bunch of …

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Tutorial: Down To The Wire

Geocacher Derek Stewart wants to cash in on his hobby, by selling custom caches online. Here, the Canadian shows It’s Not About The Numbers how to make one of his Deke’s Cache Stash designs. “When choosing the type of cache I want to make, I think about what I would like to find. When caching with the …

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Tutorial: With A Real Swag-ger

Crafting her own swag suits American geocacher ErikaJean to a T. So far, the popular Tucson blogger and photographer has created a Signal the Frog soft toy tutorial, numerous geocaching shirts, including her own TB shirt and a GPS shirt tutorial, as well as other random geo-goodies. Here, she shows It’s Not About The Numbers readers a …

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Top Of The Geocaching Class

If any school teacher deserves a shiny, red apple, it’s Gerard MacManus. On Tuesday, the head of digital technology at Auckland’s Papatoetoe High School ran a geocaching class for fellow educators attending the Post Primary Teachers’ Association professional conference in Wellington. His class tied in perfectly with this year’s theme of “eDscapes: Mapping teachers’ professional …

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Cache Tutorial: Taking The Bait

Be ‘vewwy vewwy quiet’ and you might catch all the details in It’s Not About The Numbers‘ latest cache tutorial by Joseph Acamo. This creation is now the basis of the second hide (GC2QYZ0) in the Nebraskan geocacher’s Garden Series. HE WRITES: Today was a first for me. I spotted a likely geocache container while out grocery shopping and …

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