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Geo-Survey Motivated By Professor’s Hobby

What makes you turn on your GPSr and head out the door?

It’s a question that’s been puzzling Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Dr Robert W Lindeman (GC handle: 8ManAfter) so last month, the Massachusetts-based associate professor and his Computer Science students launched an online Geocacher Motivations study.

Not Your Average Geocacher

Shelley Mitchell may not be your average geocacher but the American is an expert on what constitutes one, having just […]

Are You Game To Help Groundspeak?

Groundspeak has a new game it wants to play with you – Twenty Questions. In its weekly newsletter, the Seattle […]

A Real-Life Geocaching Puzzle

American geocacher Shelley Mitchell is trying to solve the ultimate puzzle – whether there is a link between who we […]

World’s Smallest GPS

Can you spot the GPSr in this photo? Yep, it’s that tiny square next to the 1 Euro coin. Thanks […]

GPS Systems May Not Be Good For Your Brain

From My Fox Boston: A new study suggests that, for memory’s sake, it may be wiser to slow down and […]

Geocachers are deviants!

Search “Geocaching” in Google Scholar and you very quickly (I’d say too quickly) come across a link to a research […]

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