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Caching in the Waianakarua

I had a great morning caching in the Waianakarua area today. It is a beautiful coastal road that runs between Hampden and Oamaru in the South Island of New Zealand. The Cumbyrocks Jnrs and I managed 14 caches in a couple of hours and had a lot of fun along the way. A few photos …

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Geocaching In The Snow

Since I started geocaching, it has been my long-standing goal to cache in the snow. Unseasonably cold weather has produced snow showers which allowed me that experience today whilst I was seeking ‘The Photograph’ (GC153V9). It was a steep and rocky trip up to the cache and, as I got higher, the more snow there …

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Geocaching is an Addiction

Hi, my name is Cumbyrocks and its been six days since my last geocache. Today I gave into temptation and binged on seven caches. … For many people who take part in the ‘hobby’ of geocaching it is an addiction. I’m one of them. Geocaching is my time out, my break away from the world, …

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Geocaching with Preschoolers

Geocaching with your kids can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences…but it can also be the most difficult and frustrating thing you’ll ever do. Combing the addictive desire to find the cache and the attention span of young people is, sometimes, a recipe for disaster. For those who look there are a number of very good articles out there on how to geocache with kids that can help make the experience better for all involved. As the father of two under 5’s (+ another on the way) I’ve spent plenty of time looking at this information and ideas. While the articles are great I haven’t found one that specifically dealt with my situation – Geocaching with Preschoolers!

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A bunch of my favourite photos from Geocaching:

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Milestone Reached: 500 Finds

My first geocache find occurred on 1st November 2009 (GC15JN8 W for Walk on Over) and I very quickly started chipping away at the local Dunedin caches. Whilst I am completely addicted I have needed to balance geocaching with the care of two small children and a pregnant wife. This has limited the amount of …

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Pish Posh!

Last night I went caching in Bokelt, Germany while sitting at my work desk in Wellington, New Zealand. In fact, three of my last four finds have been ‘abroad’ – yet my passport shows no movements across any international borders.

Sit here and cache

How, you ask? The joy of Armchair Caching … (At this point, seasoned hard-core cachers are going to sneer and click off this post but let me explain:)

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Above the clouds

A new puzzle cache was published a few nights ago, A Prime Location (GC2DDCT). I completed the puzzle that evening but wasn’t able to get out to find it until the next morning. I expected the view on the way to the cache to look something like this: but instead I was surprised to see …

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Start with a photo…

It’s not about the numbers. Well, okay, sometimes it is. But not all the time. It’s mostly about the thrill of the hunt. I just happen to like numbers. What am I talking about? Geocaching of course. This blog is largely dedicated to the subject, mostly as I am entirely addicted to it. Hopefully this …

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