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Feeling Chirpy? Read The Fine Print

A chirp a day keeps Groundspeak away? Perhaps that’s the hope of Garmin’s team, with today’s announcement that it will be […]

Loved Ones Ashes Go Into Geocache

I was poking around this morning (I thought I’d seen reference to a site update somewhere, but I can’t […]

Google gives interesting Insight into listing services

Google Insight provides some interesting data on peoples interest in geocaching listing services. For those unfamiliar with the tool Google […]

Still waiting for my gift pack

I eagerly anticipate the arrival of my gift pack any day now, just as geocacher OXCacher has received his. […]

Magellan speaks …

Politically correct, that’s the best way to describe GPSr company Magellan‘s stance on its rival’s service. When Garmin first […]

OpenCaching Survey Results: It’s A Knockout!

Three weeks ago, we produced Get In The Ring 2, Round 2 – our follow-up poll on Garmin’s new […] review process changes

A couple of days ago quietly posted some changes to the review process. If you’re not familiar with […]

The Madness Begins: Peer Review has come to

An interesting development at today as they announced the introduction of a peer review system for geocache placement. Newly […]

Get in the Ring, Round 2: New Poll

It’s been a month since kjwx’s ‘Get in the Ring’ poll on the (then) proposed website. Since that time […]

The Mad Cacher goes all Angry Birds on Garmin/

Having plundered all the local caches and not being in a position to travel far from home due to Cumbyrocks […]


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