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OpenCaching Making Changes With Stealth

If the latest newsletter is to be believed, there are big changes on the way at Garmin’s listing service […]

OX Loyalty Scheme On The Cards?

Fancy yourself as a card-carrying OpenCacher? So does Jeff Holliday (OX handle: Team360). The Arizona resident – and caretaker of geocaching’s […]

You Asked, OX Answers

Late last year It’s Not About The Numbers sought help to interview Here are two of the questions submitted […]

OX Opens Up: Part One

Finally … has opened up about its past, present and future. In the first of three interviews with It’s […]

Not Everyone Sold On OpenCaching Merchandise

OpenCachers can finally wear their hearts on their sleeves – well, their preferred logo anyway – though not all players […]

Update: OX Interview

Never fear, It’s Not About The Numbers hasn’t forgotten its promise to unlock the secrets of Garmin’s site for […]

Peer Review Is Flawed

An interesting piece from TEAMVOYAGR over at CacheMania on the Peer Review system over at Opencaching.COM. This review system has […]

OpenCaching Poll Results

Ten days ago, It’s Not About The Numbers repeated the poll we ran almost exactly 12 months ago – but with […]

Cumbyrocks: Some Thoughts On OpenCaching(.com) Now

So is one year old. At the time it was released, I was awaiting the arrival of my third […] Poll: How Do You Feel Now?

Last time It’s Not About The Numbers ran a poll on, almost a year ago, the winner was by a […]


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