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Cache Tutorial: Taking The Bait

Be ‘vewwy vewwy quiet’ and you might catch all the details in It’s Not About The Numbers‘ latest cache tutorial by Joseph […]

Sibling Rivalry

They say the “family that plays together, stays together” so it was with great delight that geo-siblings Cumbyrocks and kjwx […]

Shhh, I’ve been caching naked …

Please don’t tell my mother – or brother for that matter – but I’ve been caching naked … In my […]

10 things I would give up for Geocaching

A conversation ensued recently about how addicted I was to geocaching. As I fervently defended myself by arguing that I […]

Now hear this …

[audio:] You’ve read how and why it came about … now you can hear Rob Pearce’s song for yourself. It’s […]

‘Don’t Tell My Spouse I’m Geocaching …’

It’s a common phrase, but American cacher Rob Pearce has taken it to another level, recording – and selling – […]

When cache maintenance goes bad…

What should have been a routine check on a recently published cache became an embarrassing moment this evening. A few DNF’s on […]

A Christmas Caching Carol

The Online Cacher has produced an excellent Christmas Caching Carol called The Cache After Christmas. There are a few snippets […]

The Meaning of CHUR

Geocaching has some interesting acronyms and it’s fortunate that the GeoLex (Geocaching Lexicon) exists to help decipher them all. It’s […]

Bulgarian Geocaching Ad

I noted this Bulgarian ad for geocaching on Head Hard Hats blog today – absolutely classic. and while you’re at […]


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