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Spotted Whilst Caching …

This gem on the Sullivans Dam walkway intersection with the Cloud Forests of Leith link in Dunedin. I must see if MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice are up for an expedition!

Holy Cow, Geoman! It’s Another Caching Comic

Some use a notebook to record their geocaching adventures; others a smartphone or GPSr; Dan White, howevers, prefers the medium […]

An Alternative History Of Geocaching?

It’s geocaching, Jim, but not as we know it … Or at least not as Groundspeak’s new A Brief History […]

Move Over Catwoman, Here’s Die Mietzecacher …

Nobody could ever say that the cat has got Melanie Lipka’s tongue. When the 22-year-old Bavarian doesn’t have her GPSr in […]

Breaking Up With The CO

Spotted over at CacheCrazy is this quite humourous letter from a cache. Some of the highlights include: Dear Prudence, I […]

What I Think Of The Geocaching/Tomb Raider Hook-Up

Just in case you didn’t know: has teamed up with  Crystal Dynamics – the company behind Tomb Raider – […]

Petition For New Geocaching Hand-glider Safety Warning Following Crash

The Geocaching Association of Safety (G.A.S.) has announced that they intend to file a petition with Groundspeak following an horrendous […]

The Geocacher’s Guide To The New Zealand General Election

Having trouble deciding who to vote for in the upcoming New Zealand General Election? We realise that it can be […]

The Geocacher’s Prayer

kjwx is in Auckland today to complete the 101 Dalmations power trail (GC2P7BK). In saying a prayer for her safe trip […]

What’s The Name Of That Other Game? … Oh, Rugby

How can you tell if you’re a true geocaching addict? When you skip out on the opening match of the […]


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