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Geo-News: Beans, Bears & Hearty Bravos

Keeping you briefed on the official O.C.B pathtag, Estonia’s first geocoin and New Zealand’s latest reviewer.

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Reviewing Our Bad Geo-Habits

Groundspeak reviewer IowaAdmin explains our three biggest hiccups when submitting new cache listings. “It’s Not About the Numbers was kind enough to ask me to write a guest blog on the topic of ‘the biggest/most common mistakes you see as a reviewer when players submit a new cache listing’. But since geocachers are Groundspeak’s customers, …

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Organised Cache Hunts On The Events Calendar

You heard it here first, folks … Groundspeak has decided to let everyone hold an event purely for the purposes of geocaching – eventually. Lackey Eric Schudiske told It’s Not About The Numbers that its two month-long event cache trial in Ontario, Canada had gone exceptionally well; so well that it intends to rewrite the rules of …

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Canadian Experiment An Event In Itself

The rules are clear: Event caches “should not be set up for the sole purpose of drawing together geocachers for an organised geocache search” – unless you live in Ontario, Canada that is. Until December 31st, geocachers in the province (shown below in red) can hold an event just to find other caches as part …

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Policing Our Caches

There’s a new sheriff in town, Kiwi geocachers … His name is GreenSpouts, a Flemish reviewer brought in to help New Zealand’s overworked overseers deal with a backlog of neglected caches that need archiving. Fittingly, the review has begun at the start of Groundspeak’s annual Cache In Trash Out promotion. Local volunteer reviewer Zero Gravitas …

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