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Microsoft Sends GPS Into The Clouds

But they’re already up in the clouds right? Have Microsoft, following the disaster of Windows 8, decided to deflect the […]

The Future Of Geocaching … Pigeon Implants?

I’ve often wished my smartphone could be built into my wrist so that I could be completely plugged in. Now […]

Conservation Staff Threatened For Using GPS

Spotted in the news …  this Sunday-Star Times article about a New Zealand Department of Conservation worker who was threatened […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 GPS Problem? SOLVED!

GUEST POST The mysterious Ninja Duck is a geocacher after Cumbyrocks’ own heart. Not only does he have an excellent […]

Wolves Now Using GPS

Bet that headline stopped you in your tracks – but it’s true according to this fantastic LA Times about GPS […]

What Does Your GPS Units Accuracy Reading Really Mean?

Some interesting info popped up in the New Zealand Recreational GPS Society forums regarding what the accuracy displayed on your […]

GPS Review: Garmin Oregon 450

Reviewing a GPS unit that has been around for nearly three years is a bit like writing an article about […]

RIP UARS Satellite

The 5867-kilogram UARS satellite plummitted to earth today somewhere over Canada: There were reports on Twitter of debris falling over […]

GPS + GLONASS – A Reason To Wait Before Buying That New GPS Unit? have an interesting article out on the combining of the US GPS system and Russia’s GLONASS system in smartphones. […]

Field-Testing The Bad Elf

For those unaware, I was recently supplied with a Bad Elf to review. This miniature box plugs into the 30-pin […]


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