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Geo-News: Cool, Sexy & European

ONE VERY COOL MUNZEE Munzee mania keeps marching across the map, with Antarctica now boasting its first gamepiece. London-based Australian player Zalgariath placed Diggles (Final Frontier)¬†last Tuesday with help from friend Steele Diggles who works at the South Pole Research Base. “Ever since Munzee conquered the six inhabited continents, there has been a running joke …

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Halt! GeoCheckpoint Ahead

Have you been stopped by a GeoCheckpoint yet? Don’t panic, though, the worst you’ll get is a ticket – and this isn’t a radical crime deterrent by the caching police but rather a new geo-game developed in Europe. Best described as a geocaching-Munzee hybrid,¬†GeoCheckpointing requires players to use a GPSr or map to locate visible …

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