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GPS Tracklog On Garmin’s Pricing Structure

Rich over at GPS Tracklog has suggested Garmin may have a new pricing structure for Personal Navigation Devices. Last month ABI Research issued a report saying that Personal Navigation Device (PND) manufacturers seem to be “moving away from mass market consumer goods to becoming low volume, high value.” While I take issue with their analysis showing that …

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My New Geo-Tool: The Ultimate Cache Finder

Read ‘em and weep, boys … My geo-toolkit now includes a swanky Video Cache Finder. Officially, this device is known as a borescope but whenever I say that some smart aleck gets it confused with the endoscope that doctors use to look inside the human body. My non-medical version enables the inspection of an area …

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Android Geocachers, Look What’s Coming In CacheSense

It’s Not About The Numbers reported back in January on the release of CacheSense for Android, the popular Blackberry geocaching app that’s been recreated for Android phones. The feedback we’ve received about CacheSense for Android has been excellent so we thought it was well worth highlighting this recent video giving a first glimpse of its upgraded CacheSense for Android …

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You Asked, OX Answers

Late last year It’s Not About The Numbers sought help to interview Here are two of the questions submitted by our readers and the OX replies  … CRAIGRAT OF AUSTRALIA ASKS: “Do you think that opening the site up as early as you did caused more harm than good?” OX REPLIES: “By launching …

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OX Opens Up: Part One

Finally … has opened up about its past, present and future. In the first of three interviews with It’s Not About The Numbers, a Garmin spokesman explains the creation of this often controversial listing service. It’s been the question on everyone’s lips for over a year … Why did Garmin borrow the name of …

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Not Everyone Sold On OpenCaching Merchandise

OpenCachers can finally wear their hearts on their sleeves – well, their preferred logo anyway – though not all players are sold on the new designs. More than a year after first launching, the Garmin-run listing service has released a small line of OX merchandise for users to buy. The three items being sold through …

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CacheSense 2.0 Pre-Alpha Screenshots

GUEST POST The mysterious Ninja Duck is a geocacher after Cumbyrocks’ own heart. Not only does he have an excellent name (if we told you, we’d have to kill you) and young caching companions but he is a Blackberry and Android geocaching proponent. Here, he shares some of his evil, insider ninja genius. —————— Those …

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Update: OX Interview

Never fear, It’s Not About The Numbers hasn’t forgotten its promise to unlock the secrets of Garmin’s site for you … OX lead developer Chad DeShon emailed us on Monday to say he was still working on the (lengthy) question list we sent him last December in the wake of Nick Brown’s controversial opinion …

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Android Apps You Should Have For Geocaching

It’s really easy to stay solely focused on just geocaching and forget to look around at what else might be useful for hunting down those little boxes. By way of example, while visiting I a discount store recently, I came across an extendable claw that would be perfect for grabbing out-of-reach caches. With smartphones getting …

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Taking Photos Caching

Whilst a lot of us like to take photos while caching, with Garmin’s latest update to a number of their recent units, they have now opened new possibilities of taking photos with you where you go caching. Why is this useful? Well, we’ve all come across caches that have a hint such as ‘see photo’ …

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