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Top 5 iPhone Apps For Geocaching

Geocaching – once the sole domain of the handheld GPS unit – has been taken over in recent years by the rise of the smartphone. This transition from dedicated GPS units to multi-purpose devices owes a lot to the popularity of Apple’s iPhone. Once in the hands of many a geocacher, this user-friendly and stylish tool created a demand to be able …

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Review: A Geocacher’s New iFriend

PRODUCT REVIEW iFriend: Rechargeable iPhone Speaker Amplifier Case US$45.38 at DS Styles By Sarah Jardine (GC handle: jardisliketardis) When kjwx asked if I’d like to review the iFriend portable speaker case for iPhone, I jumped at the chance. Having never owned an old-school GPSr, I use my iPhone as my primary geocaching tool.  Billed as “one …

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Geo-News: Cool, Sexy & European

ONE VERY COOL MUNZEE Munzee mania keeps marching across the map, with Antarctica now boasting its first gamepiece. London-based Australian player Zalgariath placed Diggles (Final Frontier) last Tuesday with help from friend Steele Diggles who works at the South Pole Research Base. “Ever since Munzee conquered the six inhabited continents, there has been a running joke …

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