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OPINION PIECE First, the disclaimer: my name is Nick Brown and I have been geocaching at under the name […]

GPS Review: Garmin Oregon 450

Reviewing a GPS unit that has been around for nearly three years is a bit like writing an article about […]

iChirp: Garmin Looks Set To Release ANT+ Device For iPhone

Spotted over at Wireless Goodness was this little gem about Garmin’s plans for an ANT+ device for Apple’s iPhone, now […]

Giveaway: You Down With Opie?

He’s back … and quite literally. Since OpenCaching launched its first piece of official merchandise – a collectible Opie pathtag […]

The Bad Elf Faces Off With GPS Units

The Bad Elf is a neat little external GPS accessory designed to directly connect to all iPad, iPod touch and iPhone […]

GPS + GLONASS – A Reason To Wait Before Buying That New GPS Unit? have an interesting article out on the combining of the US GPS system and Russia’s GLONASS system in smartphones. […]

Field-Testing The Bad Elf

For those unaware, I was recently supplied with a Bad Elf to review. This miniature box plugs into the 30-pin […] Also Adds New Features

Probably overshadowed by the release of Groundspeak’s Geocaching Challenges are the site updates that Garmin’s has released. The updates […]

The End Of The GPSr As We Know It?

I’ve been searching for my next GPS unit for a while now. I don’t need a new one, I’m still […]

Wherigo … My Blackberry Follows

Wherigos: Until recently I didn’t have an opinion on them. With none in my area all I had to go […]


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