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Wherigo … My Blackberry Follows

Wherigos: Until recently I didn’t have an opinion on them. With none in my area all I had to go […]

Cumbyrocks Hate; Cumbyrocks Smash

Disclaimer: This is likely going to be a completely unjustified rant from a sleep deprived cacher with a cold. Bring […]

YouTube: Use It To Help You Buy Your Next GPSr

My long-suffering geocaching widow wife was recently gracious enough to suggest I could get anew GPSr for Christmas. I immediately […]

Garmin Chirp: Genius or Criminal?

The recent release of the Garmin Chirp has brought a whole new innovation to geocaching that lots of people are […]

CacheSense 3.1 Released

For those with Blackberry’s and using CacheSense (nee CacheBerry), or who are yet to make the smart move and convert, […]

Garminfone – the next great geocaching GPSr?

If you’ve read any of my posts on this blog you’ll know I’m big fan of my Blackberry Bold 9000, […]

Apparently The Best GPS For Geocaching Needs These Six Features…

I came across this article on the fairly reliable recently. It does come across a little as an advert […]


One of my favourite things about Geocaching are the neat (yes, I used the word neat) tools and gadgets. It […]


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