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Newbie Cache Placers – Should they be allowed?

There has been a small amount of talk in geocaching circles in the last week as to whether there should be certain requirements cachers need to meet before placing a cache. It’s an issue that has been around for years without finding a solution. Head Hard Hat had a small vent after a cache placed …

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Geocacher Characteristics Survey Development

Given recent interest in my post on the Geocacher Stages of Evolution I thought it might be interesting to do an online survey to gather a bit more information about this unique set of deviants people. Beyond the standard demographic questions I’ll be looking to ask about geocaching with kids, people’s use of geocaching stats, …

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GPS Satellite Constellation

While researching the previous post on geocaching leaderboards I stumbled across this excellent image on AirRaidFan’s profile page. It gives an excellent representation of what the GPS satellite constellation looks like and a great idea on why only a number of satellites are ‘visible’ at any one time. Find out more about how GPS works …

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Geocacher Stages of Evolution

One of the joys of paperless caching and premium membership to is being able to set up notifications when someone logs a find in your area. On some days this means my Blackberry is beeping every few minutes. On other days it stays dead quiet. One of the interesting observations I’ve been able to …

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