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Geocaching Pay It Forward – Can It Save Our Addiction?

In my opinion, and I recognise others will have different view (they can’t help being wrong), the hobby of geocaching […]

Top Of The Geocaching Class

If any school teacher deserves a shiny, red apple, it’s Gerard MacManus. On Tuesday, the head of digital technology at […]

Cache Tutorial: Taking The Bait

Be ‘vewwy vewwy quiet’ and you might catch all the details in It’s Not About The Numbers‘ latest cache tutorial by Joseph […]

Creative Caches: Bottling TripCyclone’s Genius

SPECIAL FEATURE It’s Not About The Numbers has long been a fan of TripCyclone‘s creative flair. Now the science teacher […]

Emergencies: An Observation On The Roles Geocachers Play

Yesterday’s devastating Christchurch earthquake reminded me of the particularly large number of geocachers that seem to hold important public service […]

10 signs you’re a FTF addict…

You have a special cache publish message alert to notify you. [audio:|titles=20th_century_fox] You only keep the Geocaching iPhone app on […]

Christmas is for turkey, presents and…geocaching!

The results are in from the Did you go geocaching on Christmas Day poll? and a whopping 46.67% responded that […]

You’ve heard of cache saturation, what about cacher saturation?

A great wee post from KajakJim over at Thanks for the Cache about the balance needed in cacher numbers. One thing that […]

Starting the Geocaching Journey

I recently stumbled across this neat blog,, written by a “retired” Stay-at-home dad. What sparked my interest was his […]

Did you go Geocaching on Christmas Day?

I wondered today, as I was being scratched up by blackberry searching for a cache waypoint, whether anyone else was […]


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