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Geo-News: Studying Our History & Enthusiasm

Keeping you briefed on Shane Holmes’ latest Kickstarter appeal and the initial results of the Geocacher Motivation Study.

Meet Your Munzee Guide: Uncle Karl

Doing things by the book isn’t really Karl Witsman’s forte …

When the American geocacher couldn’t find a manual to teach him how to use the new-fangled Munzee app he’d just downloaded to his smartphone, he decided to write one himself. In fact, it’s almost becoming a habit for the thrice-published author.

Reviewing Our Bad Geo-Habits

Groundspeak reviewer IowaAdmin explains our three biggest hiccups when submitting new cache listings. “It’s Not About the Numbers was kind […]

A More Cynical Look At Geocacher Development

Back in 2010, I wrote a post on the Geocacher Stages Of Evolution. It was a tongue-in-cheek theory based on my […]

Protecting Our Geography

We have only one planet to geocache on so It’s Not About The Numbers asked Ben Lawhon, of the international, […]

How Good Is Your Maths? A Maximum Number Of Geocaches Challenge

Groundspeak’s Latitude 47 weekly mailer recently commented that “more than 400,000 new active geocaches were listed on” in 2011. This […]

Did You Go Geocaching On Christmas Day?

Last Christmas, It’s Not About The Numbers wanted to know if geocachers were naughty or nice on December 25th. That holiday […]

Not Your Average Geocacher

Shelley Mitchell may not be your average geocacher but the American is an expert on what constitutes one, having just […]

Father Of Geocaching Not The Only One Fired Up

… Or how It’s Not About The Numbers discovers some rather forward material while reviewing a geocaching guide. Man’s discovery […]

It’s Okay, Geocachers Are Simply More Mature Deviants

Some time ago I referenced some research showing that geocachers took part in deviant behaviours. Whilst I have not been […]


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