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Watering Down Groundspeak’s Guidelines?

She’s a cruel mistress, fate … just ask American water-filtering vendor Multi-Pure. Eight days ago, the Nevada company placed a […]

Feeling Chirpy? Read The Fine Print

A chirp a day keeps Groundspeak away? Perhaps that’s the hope of Garmin’s team, with today’s announcement that it will be […]

The Perfect GPS

Mark Rindels at has an excellent post drawing a comparison between God and a GPS: …GPS devices are not […]

GeoPolice Academy: Only power-trippers need apply

If you haven’t noticed the little tab on the left-hand side of the screen at then you should really […]

Christmas is for turkey, presents and…geocaching!

The results are in from the Did you go geocaching on Christmas Day poll? and a whopping 46.67% responded that […]

Newbie Cache Placers – Should they be allowed?

There has been a small amount of talk in geocaching circles in the last week as to whether there should […]

In light of the reviewerless – An ode to the reviewers…

sseegars made the following comment on my post about the potential over-saturation problem with  I thought it was so […] An over-saturation nightmare waiting to happen?

Like many I have been having fun playing with today and seeing what it can do. There is lots […]

Another Cacher's Geocaching Manifesto

If you’ve seen the movie Jerry Maguire then you’ll distinctly remember part at the beginning where Jerry idealistically and somewhat […]

Geocheating – Making impossible geocaches possible

I stumbled across this site whilst surfing recently and thought it was an interesting concept: Geocheating – Making impossible geocaches […]


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