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Snapped In A Foreign Country …

Where in the world is It’s Not About The Numbers poster boy?

Thanks, Geocaching Friends

It’s generally not my practice to comment too personally on INATN, so take a look outside and check for pigs […]

How Many Caches Can You Find?

While feeling a little bored this afternoon, I cooked up something to keep the kids entertained on our next caching trip. […]

What’s The Name Of That Other Game? … Oh, Rugby

How can you tell if you’re a true geocaching addict? When you skip out on the opening match of the […]

It’s A Dog’s Cache Hunt

In my short time caching I’ve heard a few stories about dog’s as caching companions. Mostly the stories have centred […]

Six Months On And Still Resolute

Read ’em and weep, Cumbyrocks … I may (always) be trailing you when it comes total finds but I’m obviously […]

Cumbyrocks Attempts World Record

Okay, I can’t really claim to know that this would be a world record and I’m fairly sure someone in […]

Geocacher’s Puzzle TB: Filling In The Blanks

Here’s the final piece of the puzzle … Recently, It’s Not About The Numbers gave away two jigsaw blanks from […]

Blogging By The Numbers

History may never repeat but It’s Not About The Numbers is more than happy to reprint the article Geocaching in […]

Caching in the Waianakarua

I had a great morning caching in the Waianakarua area today. It is a beautiful coastal road that runs between […]


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