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Move Over Catwoman, Here’s Die Mietzecacher …

Nobody could ever say that the cat has got Melanie Lipka’s tongue. When the 22-year-old Bavarian doesn’t have her GPSr in […]

Introducing Mr and Mrs J_Sch …

Just married … And already you can tell the groom’s thinking about geocaching. But it’s not so surprising when you consider that newlywed was […]

You Are Cordially Invited To A Geo-Wedding

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of an unfamiliar German couple – geocacher Jan Scholten […]

Review: Notes On A Scavenger Hunter’s Journal

BOOK REVIEW As Cumbyrocks and kjwx can read only three words on this book cover – and two of them name […]

Tracking A Celebrity Geocacher Down Under

Has celebrity geocacher Bernhard Hoecker left his autograph in one of your hides? When the popular German comedian – and […]

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