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  4. Be FTF On This New Geocaching Song — January 16, 2015
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Top Android Geocaching Apps – Get Your Vote In!

Starting with Android apps have your say below as to what your favourite is or which one you think is the best. In a couple of weeks if voting has slowed we’ll close the poll and set about testing the apps you’ve identified as being in the top five.

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Disclaimer: The Irish Is Dead Page Was Not Us

Two days ago I was alerted to the existence of a web page that falsely claimed one of’s co-founders, Jeremy Irish, had died. Fortunately this claim is completely false, however It’s Not About The Numbers (INATN) was concerned to discover that the ‘read more’ button on this page linked our very own homepage.  As no …

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What To Do When Weather Is Too Bad To Geocache…

Okay, the correct answer is that the weather is never too bad to go caching. However, for the last eight years a growing number of Germans and Swiss have been able to stay indoors by going PlaceSpotting. Created by Swiss software engineer Martin Fussen the site challenges you to take part in a virtual quest …

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Be FTF On This New Geocaching Song

This catchy wee tune was sent us by Milan from the band Pyrrhura, a folk act from Slovakia. Check it out…

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Waypoint Averaging on Androids for Geocaching

Smartphones have become an increasingly common geocaching tool over the last 10 years…to the point where they are almost accepted by the hardcore, original geocachers! What hasn’t yet improved is the ability of cachers to mark a decent waypoint with a smartphone. Phone GPS systems have improved dramatically over the years and whilst they are …

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Chasing FTFs In Nairobi

[notice]GUEST POST:  New Zealand cacher Team Elliot Family recently visited Nairobi and provided us with this great tail of chasing a FTF there… [/notice] Since 2010 there has been one lonely name on the list of countries we’ve cached in ‘New Zealand’. That in itself isn’t a bad thing, caching in New Zealand is great. …

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The Lawnmower – 31 Days Of Caching

Getting close to halfway now with find number 14 in the 31 in 31 challenge. Today’s souvenir icon looks to be a logbook and pencil…our ultimate goal is to see them in each hunt we do! I also prefer mine blank on the inside…   Sadly another park n grab today, but a very cool …

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Unlucky For Some – 31 Days Of Caching

So far in the 31 in 31 I’ve been pushed for time in finding a cache each day but not yet failed to make it…so it’s a good thing I’m not trying to complete my blog entries on time each day – I’m failing miserably! Day 13 and find 13 scored the large tree souvenir …

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The Land Before Time – 31 Days Of Geocaching

Another late night dash in the rain to get #12. The souvenir icon is a GPS… And I didn’t use a GPS at all for this cache! Tonight’s cache was GC3N3PX DINO by CastlewoodCrew. I’ve tried numerous times to find this cache but being in a playground it’s always been difficult (excuses!). But in the …

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Legs 11 – 31 Days Of Geocaching

Left the run a little late to grab #11 and needed to make a darkness dash! I snuck in to grab GC3Y57Y Hinemoana’s Mega Menagerie, which I glad didn’t require a magnifying glass as it was dark! It was a micro though, so the theme counts! No photos for this one. It was dark, so …

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