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Hello all in the land of geocaching – it’s been a while! We’ve been on a hiatus from geocaching blogging as life has gone off in other directions. Whilst not actively caching as much the interest in the game has been maintained and we’ve stayed in touch. A return to regular blogging is not planned for the near future, however whilst tidying up the site recently I noted a large number of requests to update our Top 5 Android Geocaching Apps and Top 5 iPhone Geocaching Apps posts from way back in 2012. So five years on we thought why not…

However, this time we need and want your help (if anyone is still reading this blog!). A lot has changed in the last five years and we’re not as in touch with all the apps available out there these days. In addition the previous articles were all about our top five – this time it’s what are the top 5 according to geocachers. Starting with Android apps have your say below as to what your favourite is or which one you think is the best. In a couple of weeks if voting has slowed we’ll close the poll and set about testing the apps you’ve identified as being in the top five. After that we’ll release the results along with some our opinion on our these apps held up in the field. All going well we’ll follow up with an iPhone update in the near future.



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