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Two days ago I was alerted to the existence of a web page that falsely claimed one of Geocaching.com’s co-founders, Jeremy Irish, had died. Fortunately this claim is completely false, however It’s Not About The Numbers (INATN) was concerned to discover that the ‘read more’ button on this page linked our very own homepage. GNN

As no contact details are present on the web page I could find no way of contacting the owner of the page. However, as it is hosted by Weebly.com I immediately filed a spam complaint asking for the offending page to be removed. At the time of writing this post Weebly were yet to respond to the complaint. If anyone would like to assist us by also filing a spam complaint (it only takes a minute) we would appreciate the help in bringing it to Weebly’s attention.

When we were first alerted to the existence of this page I checked the analytics for INATN and found that only two people had been referred to our homepage. We elected originally elected not to post anything here so we did not draw attention to the hoax page or our unwanted association with it. However, it has since become apparent that discussion on this matter has grown and we now feel compelled to post this disclaimer.

So to be clear – It’s Not About The Numbers site and contributors have no involvement in the hoax Weebly website, nor do we approve of the linking from this page to our homepage. 

It’s quite obvious that we have not posted in quite a long time and whilst we have no intention of removing INATN we have no intention of resuming regular posting anytime in the near future. We have been in communication with Groundspeak over the issue who, as they are wise, reasonable and very much still alive folk, have supported us in making this disclaimer.

If any clever cachers out there come across any information or evidence regarding who created the hoax page it would a great pleasure to receive this so we can report this monkey’s #@%&* to Groundspeak.



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  1. Mr. Yuck (@TWUGeocaching) says:

    January 29, 2016 at 5:54 am

    Irish may not be dead, but Opie the Squirrel quietly passed away while INATN has been on hiatus.

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