What To Do When Weather Is Too Bad To Geocache…

Okay, the correct answer is that the weather is never too bad to go caching. However, for the last eight years a growing number of Germans and Swiss have been able to stay indoors by going PlaceSpotting.

Created by Swiss software engineer Martin Fussen the site challenges you to take part in a virtual quest and find the presented location on Google Maps. Users can even create their own places and there are over 50,000 now online.


Do you know where this is? An example of a PlaceSpotting virtual quest

Some challenges, like the one displayed above, provide hints to allow the player to do some googling and narrow down the location. Too hard? Simply click through to have a go at a different place.

It’s a lot like Waymarking, only you don’t need to visit the location to make the find!

Fussen’s desire to create the PlaceSpotting website stemmed from his work. “I work as a programmer but at work I use very different programming languages and create much more boring things.” he says. “I liked the possibilities of interacting with Google Maps and wanted to create a game based on maps.”

Following a recent update the site now has an English language option. This will undoubtedly increase interest in the site, which has already enjoyed considerable coverage in the media since it began in 2007.

Surprisingly Fussen¬†is not a geocacher, although he is considering taking up the obsession.¬†“Maybe I will start in 2 or 3 years when my children are old enough to join us when looking for caches.”

So when the weather is foul and you’ve solved all the local puzzle caches why not tuck up with the laptop and go on a few virtual quests!


  1. TEAM 360

    Nothing new, the German crowd has been ‘armchair caching’ for years now, everyone knows that.

  2. Bon Echo

    This is known as a Cyber cache and has been available on Terracaching.com since 2005. Sometimes the target is a fixed location, like my cyber cache CC4E0R “Somewhere Else In Canada”. Or, it might be a moving object such as the challenge of finding the Google StreetView car visible on Google StreetView CC7CX. Not at all like Waymarking, which I also enjoy.

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