Campaign Teaser: Buy A New Geo-Shirt

frontDon’t expect Craig Bartlett to give you the shirt off his back; the Australian geocacher would much rather sell you a copy.

Bartlett (GC handle: AlliedOz) launched his popular ‘Geocaching Tools of the Trade’ T-shirt in December 2012, selling 300 units online in less than a month. Now he’s back on crowdfunding website Teespring for a third run.

backTeespring lets users crowdfund custom apparel without upfront costs or risks. If a certain number of garments are not presold, the item is not produced – though that won’t be an issue for this Perth resident.

His “one last hurrah” was prompted by requests from fellow players, Bartlett says. “Already the campaign has reached the 100 shirts needed to print so it is a goer with around 13 days of sales left.”

The T-shirt, which depicts items found in “the serious geocacher’s toolkit”, was created by legendary geocoin designer Christian Mackey (GC handle:  fox-and-the-hound) for attendees of Bartlett’s GC41HTR and GC41HVM 12-12-12 multi-events in Western Australia.

As a bonus, Bartlett says commissioning the geo-design also helped with his own midlife crisis as he had “just started wearing T-shirts again”.

His first campaign sold 300 shirts, while a second run in July 2013 – for his GC45X55 WA Goes Big In 2013 event – saw another 57 tops printed. So far, he has sold the US$14 T-shirt to geocachers in most corners of the globe  – even It’s Not About The Numbers’ kjwx owns one.

“I initially thought it would be mainly Aussie and New Zealand buyers as that’s the main mob I chat to and could hit up to buy one. But, as the campaigns have run, I have received queries and thanks from around the world. That is so cool to think something I imagined (with a lot of artistic help) is being worn to events. I went to an event last night; of the 10 people present, two had them on. Insert big grin here.”

Third time round, Bartlett is offering four “darker” colour options in a Hanes brand tee. He says the design did not reproduce well with lighter  T-shirts, and there were sizing issues with the women’s shirt offered previously.

He says a little publicity from Mackey, his partner in art, soon after the campaign’s launch cemented his latest success. “It took less than 24 hours to reach the 100 shirts needed, no doubt largely in part to a posting by Christian on his Facebook page – that was wild and totally unexpected.

“Another 300 sales would be nice. With 13 days to go it is possible, but I would love to see it go to at least 200. I believe the three extra colours, apart from black, are part of the reason they have sold well this time around, I know I’m grabbing all of them.”

After this campaign, Bartlett plans to take a short break before “rolling out a new T-shirt design with the help of Christian and his artistic talent”. “It is more of an idea at the moment, a few rough sketches that have changed drastically with each attempt to get it on paper.”

Whatever the outcome,  it’s bound to suit the geo-community to a T.


*To buy your own ‘Geocaching Tools of The Trade’ T-shirt, visit Craig Bartlett’s Teespring page. The campaign closes in 11 days.

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