Another Week, Another Geo-Bomb Scare


Overshadowed: Menomonee Fall’s landmark water tower was the scene of the latest American bomb scare. Photo: MFFUNSEEKER

It’s a Wisconsin geocache in the firing line this week – in what is the sport’s fifth American bomb scare in less than a month.

On April 27th, a Menomonee Falls resident alerted police at about 4.25pm after noticing a “bomb-like” device hanging from a tree near the village’s water tower while out walking her dog.

MFMapAccording to local newspaper Menomonee Falls Now, the device hidden in Water Tower Place was the size and shape of a soda can and covered in black duct tape. It was found hanging from a tree branch by a black cord or wire.

Due to the container’s suspicious appearance, the Menomonee Falls Fire Department also responded to the scene in Waukesha County. Upon arrival, the battalion chief asked the Milwaukee Police Department Bomb Squad to investigate.

After the bomb squad “detonated” the cannister with pressurised water, it was found to be a geocache. Inside was a logbook, a red bead necklace and an instruction sheet for newcomers.

The hide – believed to be GC22FXY In The Shade of The Water Tower placed in 2010 by ClanMcMahon – was later destroyed.




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