Geocaching Bombs Again

TimeBomb_Free_Transparent_PNG_by_AbsurdWordPreferredAnother one bites the dust … Bomb squad members detonated an Ohio geocache last week after a report of a suspicious package.

Wednesday’s geo-scare was the fourth such incident in the United States in less than a month.

Officials in Lake County temporarily closed an interstate rest area in the township of Concord while law enforcement agencies investigated.

A truck driver had raised the alarm after seeing somebody throw a package behind a tree at the western end of the west-bound rest stop on Interstate 90 near state Route 44, according to an Ohio State Highway Patrol media release.

Troopers did not know what the container held, so the Lake County Bomb Unit was called to the scene. After blowing up the package, they concluded it was a geocache – though the hide in question has not yet been revealed.

“I would encourage anybody that takes part in the geocaching not to do this in a public place, because this is the result of it,” Sergeant Troy Sexton said. “A lot of manpower hours and money was wasted here for nothing.”



*Do you know any of the geocaches involved? Or has one of your hides had a visit from the bomb squad? Let us know below …


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