Today’s Public Safety Announcement: Geo-Animals

0a9029aa51253750eb4a14b12d4089b5It’s a jungle out there … or a forest … or a rapid-filled river – and it’s damn easy to get in trouble whilst geocaching, no matter how simple that find looks online.

To help keep our readers safe, It’s Not About The Numbers will be posting a series of handy-dandy infographics collected from around the world wide web that detail useful skills to have once you leave the safety of your geo-mobile.

Obviously, not all of these will be relevant to every player or every environment  – I’ve yet to see a bear on my geo-travels here in New Zealand for instance, though I have encountered the odd geocacher who acted like a bear with a sore head. Actually that does make this first graphic necessary reading for me after all.

I did, however, have a nasty run-in with a gander a few years back at the final of my first Wherigo. Puffing out your chest and screaming loudly at the leader of an angry flock of birds is not the correct response in this situation, trust me – and it’s a guaranteed way to draw attention to yourself.

As always, play it safe out there.

*What’s your worst animal encounter on the geo-trail? Tell us below … Photos of gory wounds also welcome.

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  1. Zekester & Simon

    We have encountered tarantulas and scorpions while caching in Arizona, but by far our biggest fear is zombies. We nearly died doing this cache: (GC4V77K" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC4V77K) We recently bought a machete to add to our cache bag…..

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