Geocaching’s New Celebrity X-Man

HJIf, as the X-Men‘s Wolverine says, he truly is “the best there is” at what he does, we geocachers are in BIG trouble.

Hugh Jackman –  the Hollywood star best known for playing the clawed mutant in the hit film franchise – has taken up our hobby.

Last week, the Australian actor (@realhughjackman) went geocaching with 13-year-old son Oscar,  proudly posting a photo of their first find on Twitter.

c9c2e2a6c4e511e3971a0002c9dc9a44_8 “This is the wonderful world of GEOCACHEing [sic] … our first find in the desert. Check it out. It’s awesome,” Jackman senior tweeted.

That April 16th entry enthralled the international geo-community, earning 230 retweets and 547 stars from his followers.

On Instagram, the same message quickly generated 16,500 and 350 comments. Fellow seekers welcomed his family to the sport, asked for his geo-handle, and offered searching tips.

Though undoubtedly the best question went to Lordauric for: “Do you use your adamantium claws to dig for the cache?”

A day later, Jackman followed it up with a photo of himself – casually dressed in jeans, a blue shirt and boots – with the caption: “But it’s a dry heat.” #geocaching #desert. Love to the awesome #asbingemann and #youknowwhoyouare

That post clocked up 38,000 hearts and 561 comments on Instagram and hundreds more retweets on Twitter.


It has not been confirmed which lucky geocache the pair found or even which country it’s hidden in. Jackman, his wife Deborra-Lee Furness and their adopted children Oscar and 8-year-old Ava divide their time between homes in New York and Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

However, the sand depicted is not the rich red colour normally associated with the Australian outback, leading to suggestions that the desert in question is an American landmark. One pundit theorised it may have been the southern Californian desert.

Jackman himself narrowed the search down on April 18th when he raved about a fishing trip in Montana on Twitter. Although the state is located near the Canadian border, it does sport a semi-arid desert-type environment in some areas.

In taking up geocaching, the Aussie joins a growing list of celebrities attempting the sport. Notable devotees include gossip columnist Perez Hilton, pro-cyclist Jens Voigt, German comedian Bernhard Hoecker, as well as American actors Luke Kleintank, Mia Farrell, Wil Wheaton (who with Poison drummer Rikki Rockett is a charter Geocaching.com member, no less) and Ryan Phillippe.

Unlike some of his peers, though, Jackman is blessed with an incredible physique, a down-to-earth nature and a sharp mind – not to mention those claws.

It’s Not About The Numbers wonders whether the X-Man will ever track down any of the numerous American hides placed in his honour, such as GC42K3H SNL – Hugh Jackman in Alabama, Florida’s GC4VJXZ Hugh Jackman Celebrity Run #27, or GC199NX Oklahoma 2 HughJackman in Texas.

*Do you know Hugh Jackman’s geo-handle or the cache he and son Oscar found? Spill the beans below …


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  1. Jim Wulff

    I see Joshua Trees in the background. Has to be the Mojave Desert in Southern California.

    1. kjwx

      Nice catch, Jim.

  2. Mandi M. Lynch, author

    Not to state the obvious, but do we really *want* to publicize that info? Last thing we need is caches to get stolen because Hugh Jackman touched them.

  3. lovely

    Ays first find IN THE DESERTmi. Not their first find ever.

  4. Emily

    Not that much of the Australian outback is red.

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