Snapped In A Foreign Country …



Found it: GirlFridaySB’s brothers record their presence at Up Channelside.

Where in the world is It’s Not About The Numbers poster boy? No clue?


Say cheese: INATN’s Zach poses for the camera.

The cartoon version of Cumbyrocks’ middle child was recently spotted in the American state of Florida, visiting popular geocache GCQH49 Up Channelside.

Accompanying Zach to the downtown Tampa hide was local geocacher GirlFridaySB and her brothers.

Apparently, the size-unspecified container – which was placed in September 2005 by pazooter and TampaDrew – is very deserving of its level 5 difficulty rating but offers great views of the city’s harbour. It currently boasts 30 Favourite points.

*If you opt to show INATN’s Zach around your neighbourhood or spot him at a local cache, send us some photographic proof. We’ll award a prize to the most creative encounters.










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