Unlucky For Some – 31 Days Of Caching

So far in the 31 in 31 I’ve been pushed for time in finding a cache each day but not yet failed to make it…so it’s a good thing I’m not trying to complete my blog entries on time each day – I’m failing miserably!

Day 13 and find 13 scored the large tree souvenir icon. I tend to view this as more of a shout out to finding caches in forests than the expected ‘at the base of’ thought.



So did I go and find a cache in a forest? No.

I didn’t even find a cache next to a tree!

I ticked off another of the puzzles I’ve had solved for ages and which wasn’t an exhaustive drive from home. GC3MEAE The Science of Geocaching by CacheManChris. A quick find and another day done.

2013-08-13 11.32.51

A view of Dunedin taken on the way to the cache

How are going keeping up the 31 in 31? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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