Spending Time – 31 Days of Caching

The end of the working week and again I ran out of time for a lengthy cache hunt but managed to squeeze in a quick cache. Then a bottle of wine got in the way of posting…

The ninth souvenir icon has a camping theme but without the time (or the warm weather) to go camping Jedi Theo and I decided to just theme up the cache hunt with a couple of headlamps.02e671f6-600e-42e0-9179-fbe694d2c47e

Today’s cache was GC3KWEE Keep Dunedin Beautiful by Castlewood Crew. I’d completed some of the waypoints in my travels previously but hadn’t sat down to really find the final coordinates. Having spent some time in the last month working on my caching database in an effort to be prepared for the 31 Days of Caching I was able to narrow down possible cache sites. Fortunately Jedi Theo and I found the cache at the first stop we made!

Note the head lamp for the camping theme!

Note the head lamp for the camping theme!

Here’s hoping for a good walk to find a cache on day 10!

Did you spend time finding a cache on day 9? Tell us about it in the comments!

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