Geocaching – Where Your GPS Is The Search Engine!

38a47bf9c79748774f2ec66db473d453_largeIt looks like the day when your GPS will be able to take you straight to the cache is getting closer if this article in the Register is anything to go on…

A GPS-based satellite navigation system promises accuracy to within an inch by December this year – to those willing to stick a thousand dollars into the pot.

Swift Navigation, makers of the super-accurate satnav, say it uses existing Real Time Kinematic (RTK) navigation techniques to ensure its pinpoint accuracy. Rather than costing thousands of dollars, as existing RTK GPS units do, Swift’s proposal is based around a $500 board running open-source software – potentially bringing cheap super-precise GPS to the masses.

The youtube video from their Kickstarter campaign for the unit (called the Piksi) is worth checking out.

They’ve already surpassed their Kickstarter goal with heaps of time to spare, so it looks like the Piksi will be a reality. Worth noting that you do need two units, with the second unit placed at the known location. Obviously that likely means it wouldn’t immediately be useful for geocaching, but surely it’s only a matter of time until we have affordable access to portable GPS with 4cm accuracy!

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