Flash Harry – 31 Days Of Caching

Day six in the 31 Days of Caching scores you a souvenir icon of the moon and stars…

127c4932-3a9d-4eae-96a0-3225baabd680¬†…so it would have been most appropriate to try and find a night cache. But not me, I went out at lunch on a beautiful sunny day to take a drive and find¬ †GC4BVEC Flash Harry by Hall-way.

I’ll admit to thinking this was going to be a bit of a nothing drive by, but in actual fact it turned out to be a really interesting feature that was worthy of it’s own cache. I’m not sure when the artwork was completed on this bridge but I thought it was rather good. And on a bright and sunny day there were some lovely views to be had here. Take a look at the photos below or tell us about your own adventure on day six in the comments!


2013-08-06 13.01.19 2013-08-06 13.01.30 2013-08-06 13.01.13 2013-08-06 13.01.46 wpid-2013-08-06-13.02.02.jpg

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