Attack Of The Chicken – 31 Days of Caching

Day five was a wonderful, sunny day here in Dunedin so I elected to take a drive at lunchtime to pick up GC3REE6 £10 Worth of Water Trough by Daywalk. There is a fantastic history of this road in the cache listing and it is well worth a read.

The view on the way to the cache was excellent…

A view of the Otago Peninsula and Harbour from Mt Cargill rd.

A view of the Otago Peninsula and Harbour from Mt Cargill rd.

The cache is a quick park and grab…hidden somewhere here…

The water trough - can you spot the cache?

The water trough – can you spot the cache?

And quite a few chickens all over the pace…this one looked like he wanted to have a piece of me…

Are you chicken bro!?!

Are you chicken bro!?!

And the souvenir image today is of sun and city. I’d liked to think that, as it is for chickens, the city is not a good place for caching.

No chickens here.

No chickens here.

Did you find a chicken on your cache hunt today? Let us know in the comments.





  1. Woody104

    No chickens, just some sheep’s carcasses, bush lawyer and gorse on route to the cache.
    You don’t know how lucky you are. 🙂

  2. authorized users

    We were going to head out to do maintenance on one of our caches and grab a cache nearby for Day 5 (August 5), but we ended up staying a bit more local due to lack of daylight. So, instead, we headed out to a cache that was placed in tribute to two local young people who paid the ultimate sacrifice while trying to save animals at a veterinary hospital during a horrendous flash flood in 1998.

    The cache, Attica Flood Memorial (GC19A4Z" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC19A4Z), was a puzzle cache that took you to the memorial site. You had to answer some simple questions and then find the final. A requirement of the cache was to write your thoughts about the event, the memorial and/or about the young people who lost their lives, as the logs were going to be shared with their parents.

    It was a heartbreaking cache to do, but it was well worth it to remind the parents that their children were heroes. It was a beautiful memorial and a cache we will remember.

  3. debaere

    If by “found” you mean “purchased pre-fried”, then yes. Otherwise no.

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