The Fourth Be With You – 31 Days of Caching

Day four of the 31 Days of Caching and I almost dropped the ball by spending a lazy day at home. In the evening decided to head out and pick up the final to GC4E3KF Royal Oak by Daywalk. This is a truly excellent multi…but then you come to expect that with Daywalk caches.

I’d completed half of the multi stages a few weeks ago after running into a local cacher who sparked my interest. I polished off the rest in the evening. I wasn’t quite sure I’d solved it correctly, the location didn’t seem quite right and it didn’t seem to match up to a few other things. It was also in a spot that I had no chance of getting to under normal circumstances…so a stealth mission at night was needed.

The cache hide was very clever and it was great to find such a large container in such a high muggle area. Locals shouldn’t view the spoiler photo below…

Click here to see the spoiler image

Click here to see the spoiler image

Whilst completing the final stages I did get a wonderful shot of the Clocktower at the University of Otago…

clockAnd the souvenir today looks to be a cache hanging in a tree…


Have you found a cache on day four? Let us know about it in the comments.

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    As noted in the comments of your Day 3 post, we had just completed an EVIL puzzle night cache minutes before midnight. After, we went to have a midnight snack and then on we went to grab our Day 4 cache. Yes, it was another night cache, but MUCH easier than GC40F56! It was called J&R’s Space Odyssey-THE SEQUEL!!: A Night Cache (GC198RX" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC198RX). It is listed as a puzzle night cache, but no puzzle to figure out… you just had to follow the fire tacks.

    We love night caches – you get to see a LOT of wildlife (though we didn’t see any during these night caches, except for insects and slugs) and usually no muggles! Plus, the challenge is increased in the dark!

    Well, on our way home from finding two night caches for Day 3 and 4, we were able to grab two FTFs: Up Betty’s Skirt (GC4HX7D" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC4HX7D) and Turtle Park View (GC4HX7Y" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC4HX7Y). Up Betty’s Skirt was underneath a flagpole skirt… definitely not our favorite type of cache and the type we try to avoid, but we couldn’t turn down a chance at FTF! 🙂 Turtle Park View was challenging in the dark and took a bit of searching, but we were able to claim the FTF smiley!

    We started out at around 7pm on Day 3 and got home around 3:30am on Day 4 – it was an AMAZING geocaching adventure! We would definitely do it all over again in a heartbeat!

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