31 Days of Caching – Day Three: Numbers Are My Friend

Being the weekend (and therefore having slightly more free time), I had planned to take the boys on a decent walk to find a cache some distance from home. However, the weather decided to be a bit rubbish so a quick driveby some distance from home was chosen instead.

Jedi Master Zach and Jedi Theo, who have just graduated to having their own Geocaching.com accounts, were keen to come along for the ride. This was an unusual experience for me as they had normally whined every time there was a cache outing. So, in some ways, I’m glad they’re old enough to appreciate their own finds tally – even if it does make it a little more about the numbers for them!

Today’s cache was GC3Q07B Numbers Are My Friend Are They Yours? by CacheManChris, a puzzle I completed quite a while ago but hadn’t been in the area to collect. The 31 Days of Geocaching has me saving my closest-to-home caches for the days when I have less time, so a wee drive out to the final today was in order to collect.

Being a bit cold and windy, the boys elected to stay in the car whilst I braved the wind and rain to bring the cache to them …

Jedi Master Zach and Jedi Theo with the cache

Boy oh boy: Jedi Master Zach and Jedi Theo with the day’s find.

And we had an excellent view on the way home …

The view on the way home...not taken anywhere near GZ

Grey skies: The view on the way home (not taken anywhere near GZ).

Today’s souvenir icon looks to be a hot air balloon. I’m assuming this classifies as geocaching scenery, rather than a geocaching tool or an aspect of wildlife to encounter (the other pictures on the 31 Days of Geocaching calendar represent such things) – unless someone can share their experiences of hot air balloon caching with us!




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  1. authorized users

    A great view!

  2. authorized users

    Day 3 (August 3), was a BUNCH of fun! We found an EVIL – and we mean EVIL – puzzle night cache. Carnival Revisted: CarnEvil 2012 (GC40F56" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC40F56). The puzzle was evil, what you had to do to solve the puzzle was evil, and finding the cache was evil. Our sore, scraped and bruised up bodies LOVED it and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who visits the Rochester, NY USA area! It is definitely a must-do!

    After we conquered this cache, it was just before midnight, so we grabbed a midnight snack and off we went to grab our Day 4 cache… which included another night cache (MUCH easier!!) and two FTFs! We will put more about those in the comments of your Day 4 post. 🙂

  3. Renee

    I’ve enjoyed reading your #31in31 articles. Thank you! I was curious if there was a hot air balloon themed geocache, so I Googled it. Sure enough there is! Of course, you won’t be in the balloon. : ) http://goo.gl/YFXPGV

    1. Cumbyrocks

      Thanks Renee!

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