On The 1st Day of Caching Signal Found For Me …

That’s right folks, it’s not Christmas; rather it’s August 1st and the beginning of 31 Days of Geocaching. Every day you log a cache throughout this month, you will earn a souvenir to go along with the happy glow of making a find!

To guide you through the month, the team at Geocaching.com have provided this funky printable calendar so you can tick the days off as you go.

I’ve set the goal of logging a cache each day and spent a bit of time planning, solving and arranging various caches so that I can make a find on days when I have little time – that’s most days!

Typically I’m not a fan of blogging on everyday cache adventures; however, for the 31 Days of Geocaching I’m going to make an exception and report on the hide I found that day and the souvenir received. Hopefully, this will give me the chance to profile some excellent Dunedin caches and their COs!

I decided to start the month with something special so chose GC3H9CD Northern Cemetery Heritage cache by Daywalk. Daywalk caches are renowned for their extensive information and taking you to interesting places. Being a cemetery cache, I thought this was especially significant given the cemetery issues experienced recently. The Northern Cemetery really is a special place …

Come and explore Dunedin’s 140-year-old Northern Cemetery … There are over 17,700 souls buried in this cemetery, including many people who made notable contributions to Dunedin’s and New Zealand’s history. The cemetery is a Category I Historic Place and is significant as an early example of a large public general cemetery which, unlike the earlier Southern Cemetery, has not been separated into different religious denominations.

My favourite part of this 2/2 multi was revisiting the mausoleum of William Larnach, a prominent banker and politician whose home – Larnach Castle – has become one of Dunedin’s major tourist attractions.

Here's lies William Larnach...and a clue to finding the final cache!

Dead easy: Here’s lies William Larnach … and a clue to finding the final cache!


And, of course, Daywalk caches are always a great size and chocka full of good swag. You’ll note in the next photo that I go caching wearing a suit …

Cumbyrocks pulling crazy eyes after finding the cache

Oh brother: Cumbyrocks pulling crazy eyes after his find.

The finding and logging of this cache means I got to tick off the first day of my geocaching calendar …

August 1… and earn the August 1st geocaching souvenir!

First of many? The August 1st souvenir

*Stayed tuned for more geocaching adventures throughout the rest of the month. If you’ve found a cache today, why not tell everyone about it in the comments below!


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  1. Zane Elliott

    You only have to find 20 at Christmas if you want to log a find on Advent Adventure 🙂
    We did Ñorthern Çemetery before we left Dunedin, fantastic cache.

    1. Cumbyrocks

      I didn’t get the chance last Christmas to do the Advent Adventure…and as a result I have to wait an entire year to have another go! Grrrr. 😛

  2. authorized users

    On August 1, we headed out for a newly published cache WSR Series # 38 – 4 Wheeler Race Course (GC4HFKV" rel="nofollow">http://coord.info /GC4HFKV). When we got there, there were already two other cachers looking for it. We all searched and searched and searched and then the huckle was called out – we claimed 3TF! We all made it much harder than it really was… go figure! 🙂

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