British Actors Find A Geocache And Some New Fans


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Amateur dramatics: Finding The Geocache characters Andrew and Miles argue over the contents of their latest find. Photos: LIZ WEBSTER

The reviews are in … And they’re all positive for geocaching’s theatrical debut.

shortcuts2013twoSince July 16th, the hi-tech hobby has been treading the boards at London’s Bridewell Theatre in the first of two new short plays by British troupe Give It Some Room.

Finding The Geocache, which stars actors Paul Carroll and Jeremy Donovan, has been promoted as a story of friendship and “nerds in the great outdoors”. The 20-minute show, believed to the first to ever feature geocaching, is part of a double bill by playwright Rachel Barnett – herself an amateur cacher.

Special swag: Andrew (played by Paul Carroll) finds a small clay dinosaur he made as a child in the geocache.

Special swag: Andrew (played by Paul Carroll) finds a small clay dinosaur he made as a child in the geocache.

Troupe spokeswoman Liz Webster told It’s Not About The Numbers that the opening week of the fortnight-long production – collectively known as Great Shorts 2 – had been wonderful. “We have had smashing audiences who have really enjoyed the show and become curious about geocaching as a result.”

Thankfully, she added, there had been no major slip-ups with such a professional cast.  “Although they are sometimes naughty and make each other laugh on stage. The worst thing to happen so far is that the wrong sound effect was played for the curtain call – a door knock – and that was my fault because I pressed the wrong cue!”

Rounding out the performance was Barnett’s second play For A ButtonGreat Shorts 2 is her second collaboration with the theatrical group.

*Finding A Geocache finishes on August 2nd at Bridewell’s Lunchbox Theatre in Fleet Street, London, with the remaining Great Shorts 2 shows starting at 1pm. Tickets cost £7 each on the day or £6.50 for presales. For more details, visit Give It Some Room’s website or Facebook page.


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