Update: Geohacker Halts Premium Member Attack


Handiwork: Geohacker wore a bright pink glove for his first video announcement.

Geohacker – the American player who disguised himself as a gloved hand with googly eyes to boast of hacking Geocaching.com’s premium member features – has vowed to stop his disruptive campaign. For now, anyway …

Eye, eye: Geohacker's second disguise for his video announcing the creation of his eBay store.

Eye, eye: Geohacker’s second disguise for his video announcing the creation of his eBay store.

Today he emailed It’s Not About The Numbers to say he had reached a “settlement” with Groundspeak and “had agreed not to pursue” his Hack Code project.

“Their offer was handsome enough to change my mind. This does not exclude any future projects, though. Keep up the great work on your blog,” he claimed.

Earlier this week, Geohacker – who is believed to be banned GC.com member TucsonThompsen of Arizona – agreed to be interviewed by kjwx, as long as it was not in a face-to-face meeting.

Another disguise: His eBay store icon.

Another disguise: His eBay store icon.

“We have just finished our interview with FTF Geocacher magazine and, I have to tell you, they are not happy about what I’m doing out here in my desert hackers’ studio. In turn, I gave them limited info just to see where they would take it.  I am looking forward to your interview so I can send my message of what I’m trying to do. Be prepared for your blog to get flooded with comments when it’s over. I hope you guys are ready for this,” he bragged.

On the same day, he released his new YouTube clip advising plans to sell his GC.com hack on eBay for a buy now price of US$29.99. Both videos remain online, just as his website and eBay store are still live.

Rumours that Geohacker’s cyber-attack on GC.com was actually a ruse remain unconfirmed.


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  1. authorized users

    A “settlement” from Groundspeak? Really Groundspeak?? You let him off the hook? Then, he goes and offers to sell his hack? REALLY??!! This guy has GOT to be breaking a law somewhere… throw his geo-@ss in jail!

    This is why so many people are starting to flock to alternative geocaching sites…

  2. ej

    Oh brother.

  3. ckpetrus

    Hmmm… there was no “interview” with FTF Geocacher Magazine beyond the fact that I deleted his post on my Facebook page. Beyond that, I have had no contact this guy. Sounds like he’s getting himself lots of attention though! – Keith Petrus, FTF Geocacher Magazine.

  4. Ryan Ramsey

    How about we put a bounty on this guys head to go kick his ass.

  5. dra6n

    wow, and I have met TucsonThompsen at various meetups and events.. Ive found dozens of their caches too..

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