New Geocaching Book A Family Affair

Tanya Eldert needs your help – to both provide material for her new Family Geocaching book and help finance its publication through her Kickstarter campaign. The American mother tells It’s Not About The Numbers how her family’s project came about …

“I think it was around cache No 50 that I fell in love with geocaching and knew I had to share my experience with other families. It wasn’t the ‘thrill of the chase’ or the ‘exhilaration of the find’, it was the fact that my child was in a car for 14 hours without complaining.

FGBKGranted, it was a 12-hour trip that we dragged out for another two hours to cache along the 95 South highway to Florida, but she didn’t complain. I wondered why other parents had not told me about this ‘miracle’ game that made travelling fun. Then I realised, they didn’t know about it either.

Tanya Eldert

Tanya Eldert

That’s when I knew I had to write a book. My family was together, having fun outdoors, travelling, and discovering things we never imagined someone would hide in the woods.

Our book and website are called Family Geocaching and they offer a unique twist on geocaching – specifially for families with kids.

Not only is it FOR families, it is being written BY families. We are interviewing experienced families and asking for their tips, and we will be including the kids’ viewpoints as well. In fact, the project is being co-authored by my 10-year-old daughter, Sianna. That’s her on the cover and in the video above.

Right now, we are still looking for more families to interview for the book. You can apply online here. Those who are selected will get a special geo-tag that says: ‘My family helped write Family Geocaching’.

Kickstarter is helping with this endeavour by allowing us to raise our initial funds through their website. Backers can pledge as little as US$5 to support the upcoming e-book, paperback edition and subsequent kids journal.

e832d19ef091d43c8de0993645d41db4_largeWe have some great rewards for our donors, including a limited geocoin, bags, bumper stickers (shown left), the e-book, and copies of the paperback signed by the authors. Our campaign ends toward the beginning of August, so we could really use support from the geocaching community.

Our Family Geocaching website and book explain geocaching from a family point of view. I hope that the experts out there don’t scoff at us too hard. This book is about how to make geocaching fun for families with kids, so when I share tips (such as how to find a light pole cache or LPC), please don’t criticise. I know there will be other moms like me who spend 30 minutes looking around a light pole with an impatient child – all the while trying not to beat her own head on the same pole!

In fact, we could really use support from those expert hunters to show a new generation of players how to hunt with respect and have fun with their family in the outdoors. You never know, the kid that starts out with 200 park ‘n grabs with his family could be the next one to get that cache 1½ miles down in the ocean!”

[notice]It’s Not About The Numbers has pledged its financial support for Tanya Eldert’s Family Geocaching appeal – and we hope you will do the same. Every dollar helps and the more you give, the better the reward you’ll get in return. If you can’t spare any cash, help spread the world about his geo-fundraiser by sharing this link with friends, family and even complete strangers.[/notice]

 *For more information on Tanya Eldert’s Family Geocaching book, check out her family’s website, Facebook page or Twitter account.



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  1. Mike_B

    The opening sequence reminds me a lot of this:
    (new cache – ‘teaser’ video – being worked on by “The Raven” Daniel Hunt)

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