Geohacker Angers Geocaching Community, Cumbyrocks Particularly Pissed Off

Well, it took something special to awakening the geo-ranting beast slumbering inside me – and, well, read on …

Last week, an American player by the name of ‘Geohacker’ posted this clip to YouTube explaing how they had hacked Geocaching.com to get full access to all of the Premium Member features.


Now, don’t confuse this ‘hack’ with the long-existing workaround that allows basic GC.com members to log Premium Member caches, this is way beyond that. It gives the hacker full access to all the Premium Member features that you and I pay good money for (such as favourite points, custom searches, player stats, instant notifications, API access etc).

This ‘hack’ is likely illegal as it is tantamount to stealing; at the least, it is certainly morally bankrupt. Geocaching.com’s Premium Member services are not a public right, nor something to be freed for people to take advantage of. It’s like deciding you have the right to use someone else’s car without paying for it!

Enough members of the geocaching community were sufficiently annoyed at this clown that they, like me,  ‘flagged’ his YouTube video as being inappropriate. Fortunately, the YouTube powers-that-be agreed and the clip was removed. That, in turn, lead Geohacker to post this video below explaining the previous clip’s removal and inviting people to follow a link to that video which he had reposted on Vimeo.

Personally I hate this sort of bollocks, especially when the culprit has gone to considerable effort to hide their identity. According to his Vimeo account, Geohacker is located in Yuma, Arizona; no other information about him is available.

Now, I normally wouldn’t post about this type of rubbish as it doesn’t deserve to see the light of day; however, I don’t think geocachers should devalue their Premium Memberships by allowing this clown to encite others into figuring out the hack. How long will it be until he then drops that Premium Member code and the file set-up he used from that SD card onto the net for others to use?

So I’m posting this to encourage It’s Not About The Numbers readers to visit his YouTube and Vimeo videos and flag those suckers as being inappropriate. Clearly, this worked on YouTube, so let’s do it again and show Geohacker the door.



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  1. Alex Friedberg

    This is very obviously fake, it is just a clever manipulation of HTML elements using Google Chrome’s debug console. He is in no way actually getting a premium account through this method. In fact, I duplicated what he did on my own and you can see the results here –>http://imgur.com/a/ICuj1 And the .bat file he is supposedly using to get the premium account is just a simple goto loop.

  2. cantuland

    Gone already? Yay!

  3. Ray Betts

    Yep, Gone already.

  4. M.B.

    99% chance that this ‘person’ is the former “Tucson_Thompsen”, who was banned by Geocaching.com not long ago and has been trying to lie to the State of AZ State Trust Land people that Geocaching is against their Recreational rules.

    1. Mr.Yuck

      Really? I’m on the other coast, but that guy lived and cached in New Jersey for a couple years before moving back across the Country. He was rather eccentric, but I didn’t know he was zany enough to get banned. Well, cute liitle prank, but it’s been exposed as a fake, and he’s no Ashnikes. :-). That was a banned member who actually did cause real trouble, including personally taking down the original Uservoice feedback system when it existed. (Geocaching.com no longer uses 3rd party user feedback systems).

  5. Lilly Redstone

    Looks like it is still up—what a loser!


  6. stegan

    The vimeo account has gone…as for the replacement video on you tube…what a tool!

    1. Lilly Redstone

      now this clown has his own website? Good Grief!


  7. authorized users

    One person always ruins it for all…

  8. Alkhalikoi

    There’s always some clown who likes to poop in the punchbowl. I assume GC can — and probably has — built a workaround.

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