Geocaching’s Theatrical Debut


Geocaching will make its stage debut next Tuesday, thanks to a British theatre company.

On July 16th, Give It Some Room is premiering two new short plays – the first centred on geocaching – at London’s Bridewell Theatre. Finding A Geocache, which stars actors Paul Carroll and Jeremy Donovan, is billed as a story of friendship and “nerds in the great outdoors”.

Jeremy Donovan

Jeremy Donovan

According to the show’s publicity blurb: “Miles has convinced his oldest friend to come with him on a geocache. Andrew isn’t really getting on with it or making much of an effort to embrace it and when the GPS device that Miles is using won’t find the latitude co-ordinate, things get uncomfortable in a comical way. Miles doesn’t give up, though, and eventually they find the cache – which turns out to hold a small clay dinosaur Andrew made as a child.

Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll

“Andrew wants to take the dinosaur but he doesn’t want to replace it with anything, like the rules of geocaching state. An argument ensues where old grudges and character assassinations come to the fore and both boys maybe learn something about themselves that they had been ignoring. And Andrew might just have found a new hobby. Might …”

The 20-minute show, believed to the first to ever feature the popular hi-tech hobby, is part of a double-bill by playwright Rachel Barnett. Great Shorts 2, which concludes with the play For A Button, is her second collaboration with the theatrical group.

When It’s Not About The Numbers asked why develop a play about geocaching, troupe spokeswoman Liz Webster replied: “Why not?! As a hobby, it’s quite fascinating and opens itself up to a wide variety of human stories within the context providing natural dramatic and comedic story arcs.”

First rehearsal: Actor Jeremy Donovan discusses his character with Finding A Geocache director Timothy Howe, right. Photo: GIVE IT SOME ROOM

First rehearsal: Actor Jeremy Donovan discusses his character with Finding A Geocache director Timothy Howe, right. Photo: GIVE IT SOME ROOM

Barnett, who has won numerous awards for her work, came up with the idea after being taken geocaching by a friend, Webster says. “We assume that the play’s plot is not totally autobiographical, although we’re not sure if Rachel has ever done it again or on a regular basis.

Rachel Barnett

Rachel Barnett

“As for the rest of us, well we’ve researched the hobby and have made a promise to Rachel that we will take part in a geocache hunt. We haven’t yet as our rehearsal schedule is quite tight but certainly one afternoon before the show closes, we will sign up to do one.”

Webster is predicting a great response to the two-week season of Great Shorts 2, and in particular Finding A Geocache. “This is a lovely human story that explores friendship and the very human need to connect to each other. Geocaching is a way for the character Miles to connect with the character Andrew and although it isn’t smooth sailing, you do get a strong sense by the end that these boys have, through geocaching, re-established a waning connection. We hope that’s a concept that both the public and the geocaching community will embrace. It’s also a very funny script and nothing brings people together like laughter!”

Finding A Geocache will run for 12 days from July 16th to August 2nd at Bridewell’s Lunchbox Theatre in Fleet Street, London, with all Great Shorts 2 shows starting at 1pm. Tickets cost £7 each on the day or £6.50 for presales. For more details, visit Give It Some Room’s website or Facebook page.

*Stay tuned for It’s Not About The Numbers’ review of Finding A Geocache, as part of our own collaboration with Adam Redshaw of UK Cache Mag.


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    Neat! It’s always good to see geocaching expanding! 🙂

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