Giveaway Result: Munzee Madness On Mars

curiosity_marsDrum roll please, Cumbyrocks … And the winner of It’s Not About The NumbersMunzee giveaway is: Daniel French of the United States.

The Minnesota resident (GC handle: french_family) was the unanimous pick of both INATN judges for this visual submission showing his dream Munzee placement on Mars – aided, of course, by NASA’s Curiosity rover. Thanks to webstore Geohobbies Canada, he has won himself three vinyl Mystery Munzee stickers, two Munzee decals and a cloth patch worth C$15.


In the mail: Daniel French’s Munzee prize.

Other notable answers to our giveaway question – “Where you would place your dream Munzee/s if finances and travel were no problem?” – included placing the QR codes “in every state capitol city in all 50 American states and the Virgin Islands”, on the Effel Tower in Paris, Buckingham Palace in London, and the Vatican or Colosseum in Rome.

Brian Graham, of Iowa, couldn’t decide between two dream locations: “One would be the International Space Station. That would be pretty cool but the Munzee wouldn’t be found very often. A more realistic location would be at the observation deck of the Empire State Building.”

But Elizabeth D of Authorized Users had no such trouble: “Wow! If finances and travel were no problem?? I can answer that, no problem! I would place at least one Mystery Munzee (a regular Munzee would be fine, too) in every country around the world. I have always wanted to travel to Hawaii, Germany, Scotland and Ireland, but why stop there?? Take me and my Munzee around the world – THAT is my dream!!”

*Stay tuned for our second Munzee giveaway courtesy of Geohobbies Canada; this time we’ll be giving away 15 clear vinyl Munzee stickers.

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