Tutorial: Cache Creator Plays Dirty


When he’s not thinking about how to finance his Geocrashers TV series, America’s Jon Racinskas (GC handle: The Razza) likes to gets devilish with his DIY. Here he shows It’s Not About The Numbers how to make one such evil hide.

“Geocachers tend to be pleasant, well-adjusted folks but, as with any other group, there are a few sadists among us.

These people (a group amongst which we count ourselves) thrive on designing and placing caches that make our fellow cachers want to rip their hair out.  There is no corner too dark to hide in or a container too well camouflaged for us. We lose sleep over the thought that we aren’t frustrating you enough.

So here’s a handy little tutorial for creating your own evil caches at home (and how to lose a few friends in the process) …


  • Bison tubes
  • Dirt and leaves
  • Liquid Nails or similar adhesive
  • Newspaper


ec1img_0335These bison tubes are about to turn evil … but first we need to collect some dirt and leaves.

ec2Then we add the secret ingredient: Liquid Nails. (Warning: tastes like shit … don’t ask us how we know.)

ec4Be sure to tape off the openings.

ec7Shape the Liquid Nails around your bison tubes before rolling them in the dirt and leaves.

img_0342Let them dry for at least 24 hours.

ec6Viola! A cache from hell – you’ll never find this in the wild.”





[notice]It’s Not About The Numbers has pledged its financial support for Jon Racinskas’ Geocrashers project – and we hope you will do the same. Every dollar helps and the more you give, the better the reward you’ll get in return. If you can’t spare any cash, help spread the world about his geo-fundraiser by sharing this link with friends, family and even complete strangers.[/notice]

 *For more information on Geocrashers or to follow the progress of Jon Racinskas’ appeal, check out his Twitter account, Facebook page, blog and First To Find clothing label.



  1. Cactusmouse

    This is WICKED!!! Where will you hide this and still be able to find it?

  2. Aranea

    ( I say this smiling ) SUPER HAPPY this guy doesn’t live in my area, this would be a bitch to find!
    Very creative! 🙂

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