Firefighters Rescue Geocacher From Tree

Going up: Marmotz had no trouble climbing the T5 tree but became stuck after dropping her pen.

Going up: Marmotz had no trouble climbing the T5 tree but became stuck after dropping her pen.

Normally, British firefighters have to rescue cats stuck up trees; but this weekend the victim was a female geocacher.



Emergency crews in Dorset were called to a tree in Upper Parkstone Heights, Poole at noon on Saturday to free the 20-year-old.

Marmotz, who took up geocaching on January 1st, had been targetting GC4BKJE Pendulum, a D2.5/T5 micro placed by The Ambles. It is one of a series of T5 tree-climbing hides in the area; many of which require specialist climbing equipment.

Rescuers told a reporter at the Bournemouth Echo that it took almost an hour to lower the young woman to the ground. Crews from Westbourne and Poole, including the technical rescue unit, used a 13.5-metre ladder to get her down. She was unharmed but shaken by the ordeal.

In a tweet, Dorset Fire Control subsequently advised its followers: “Lady rescued from tree in Poole attempting to reach geocache capsule – ensure you assess the risks before climbing!”

Logging her find online, Marmotz later reported: “WHAT AN IMMENSE CLIMB! No troubles on the ascent after rigging the rope up and over. Got to the log and my pen had fallen down to the ground 🙁 As I started to descend, I got stuck and,  long story short, the fire brigade were called to rescue me. TFTC, will never EVER forget this one.”

On the plus side, she – and her partner, who shares the same caching name – did claim the 2TF on the hide, which had been published nearly four weeks earlier.

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  1. Jenny

    Now that is true dedication to the cause…good on you Marmotz..and to your rescuers too, of course!

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